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Nature of Enquiry

How to report a bug in the discription box:-
Summary :

This is where you describe the bug that is happening in the game right now. You should include any details that seem relevant like the frequency the bug happens, anything out of the ordinary that might have caused it, or if you were able to reproduce the result. The Summary shouldn't just say "Bug", "Crash" or "It doesn't work" It should take the form of: Effect Where/When Cause/Context or Feature Should/Shouldn't/Does/Doesn't Expected_Result/Actual_Result
Steps to reproduce the bug :

Ordered and comprehensive list of the steps used to (re)produce the bug/steps that caused this bug to occur.
Result :

Describe exactly what happens/Details of the actual result (bug).
Expected Result :

Describe how the result should be different from the bug result you described. Be clear if you know the result is incorrect or if it just seems suspicious.
Additional Info (optional) :

All useful resources that could help us to investigate the bug (screenshots, videos, etc.).

*Tips: How to execute and save your DXDiag report
1: Click "Start" at Windows Taskbar
2: Select "Run"
3: Key in the word "dxdiag" without the " "
4: A direct diagnosis window will pop up. Bottom left of the window will show a green processing bar.
Wait approximately two minutes. Once done, select "Save all information"
5: Open the saved report, copy all the words and paste them in the box above "DX Diagnostic Report"